What is a Cash Advance?

A Cash Advance loan is traditionally used to bridge the gap between paychecks. Because the average American is paid at the end of each month, it is very common to experience a cash shortage or require a few hundred dollars until the next payday. Perhaps you have a household emergency, your car needs repair, or your rent is due.

Also referred to as a ‘payday advance,’ you can receive money in advance and in a lump sum to pay off any urgent bills; you can then repay the loan and interest on your next payday. Ideally, your emergency is a one-time occurrence, and you can quickly recover.

Today, with apps and alternatives to payday loans, the average loan amount lasts a few weeks, and DimeBucks can offer options ranging from 12 to 60 months. This gives you some breathing room, so rather than borrowing $300 and paying it back within a few weeks, you may wish to borrow a bit more for a longer period.

What are the key features of Payday Advances at DimeBucks?

  • Borrow between $200 and $30,000
  • Repaid between 1 and 60 Months.
  • Electronic Application
  • Bad Credit Taken Into Consideration
  • Must be over 18 and able to make monthly payments
  • Same Day Funding Available

How to Apply for an Online Payday Loan at DimeBucks?

With DimeBucks, you can submit an online form for a payday loan in less than five minutes and receive an instant decision on the screen.

You will be automatically matched with one of our lenders, and if you choose to proceed, they will conduct additional checks; if approved, your loan can be funded within 24 hours or the following business day.

How to Get a Cash Advance from DimeBucks in Three Easy Steps?

First Step – Application

You will need to provide the following information: your name, address, date of birth, mobile number, email, the amount you want to borrow, the period you wish to borrow it, and a copy of your driver’s license or state-issued ID.

Step 2 – Approval & Determination

You can receive an instant decision, and if you pass any additional checks, you can be approved within hours. You will receive an online loan agreement via email, which you can sign electronically using an E-Signature.

Step 3 – Receive Funds in Twenty-four Hours

If fully approved, the funds can be deposited into your checking account within a few hours, the same business day, or the following business day. Your loan will be funded as quickly as possible.

Why are Payday Loans Obtained?

Because payday loans are intended to cover households’ temporary cash shortages. The idea is that you will receive the money in a lump sum upfront to help pay for your emergency, then receive your paycheck on your next payday and repay the loan in full, including:

  • Emergencies.
  • Auto repairs.
  • Domestic repairs.
  • Broken boilers.
  • Medical bills.
  • Groceries.
  • Rent.
  • Unexpected expenses.
  • Funerals.

Cash advance loans are not intended for:

  • Luxury holidays.
  • Donations and presents.
  • Non-essential procedures.
  • Shopping sprees.
  • Gambling.
  • Speculative investments.
  • Long-term objectives.

What is the Information Required for a Payday Loan Application?

  • Your title.
  • Your location.
  • The date of your birth.
  • Mobile phone number.
  • Email address.
  • Your monthly earnings.
  • Your employment details.
  • The sum you intend to borrow.
  • The amount of time you wish to borrow.
  • The social security number assigned to you.
  • The number of your checking account.

You must provide the most accurate information possible, including your address, income, and employment. Any irregularities may be flagged by our team, prompting us to request additional evidence, which could delay the processing of your application.

Since payday loans are unsecured, many decisions are made automatically so the loan can be funded on the same day. By providing accurate information, we can immediately prepare your funding application.

You may sometimes be asked to provide a copy of your address, bank statement, or paycheck stub; this is common for those seeking to borrow $2,000, $3,000, or $6,000.

Can I Obtain A Payday Loan From DimeBucks?

Yes. DimeBucks criteria for a payday loan are the following:

  • U.S. resident.
  • Over 18 years of age
  • Consistent employment.
  • Earning at least $800 per month.
  • A valid checking account into which your loan will be deposited.

Our partner lenders are willing to consider a variety of credit histories, so you can still apply if you have poor credit and, subject to additional checks, receive the loan you require.

We will always conduct a series of income and affordability checks to ensure that you only borrow what you can afford.

How do repayments function for payday loans?

If you take out a payday loan for three months, you will have to make equal monthly payments toward paying it back.

Depending on the lender you’re associated with, you can repay your loan in as little as one month or as long as 12 or 60 months if you prefer.

For quick payday loans, you may be required to borrow money in advance, pay off any urgent debts, and then repay your loan in full by the end of the month – so it only lasts a few weeks.

However, if you borrow larger sums, such as $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000, you may wish to extend the repayment period to 12, 24, 48, or 60 months to give yourself more breathing room.

The lender will automatically deduct monthly payments from your bank account, so there is no need to call, make a manual payment, or send a check; everything is handled automatically to make your life easier.

Can I get a payday loan from DimeBucks with bad credit?

Yes, you can get a payday loan even with bad credit. We work with various lenders willing to consider all credit scores and can offer you the right products.

When applying online for a payday loan, you are not required to have a perfect credit score, and our lenders will consider other factors such as your income, employment, age, and requested loan amount. These factors, not just your credit score, can tell the lender greatly about your likelihood of repaying the loan.

Can I Obtain A Payday Loan Without Checking My Credit?

Finding payday loans without credit checks is slightly more difficult. Before approving a loan request, Payday loan companies in the US that are legitimate and regulated will typically check your credit. This will confirm that, based on your credit history, you can afford to repay the loan and will not encounter any difficulties.

Even though most loan companies will run a credit check, some lenders will still approve your loan based on other indicators such as your paycheck, monthly income, and employment information.

For larger loans, they may require collateral, such as a car, property, or jewelry, but these are longer-term loans, not payday loans. Requesting a loan with no credit checks is possible if a valuable asset secures the loan.

What Alternatives to Payday Loans Are There?

DimeBucks and our partners offer a variety of alternatives to payday loans, including products, apps, startups, and others.

Installment loans, which allow you to spread repayment over several months, are one of our primary alternatives. Many customers favor this because you do not have to pay the entire balance at the end of the month, giving you time to get your finances in order and get back on your feet.

Other products we can provide include title loans secured by your vehicle and apps that allow you to withdraw, repay, and add funds as needed.

Borrowing from family members is one of the best and oldest alternatives. No interest charges, no credit checks, and flexible repayment terms. This is typically the first place you should look if you need cash in an emergency. If you wish to apply online and receive a response, DimeBucks is pleased to assist you.

Where Can I Locate a Payday Loan with Guaranteed Acceptance?

This is not always possible if you are looking for a guaranteed payday loan online, as you must meet the initial criteria in terms of age, employment, and minimum income and be able to pass our series of credit checks and affordability checks.

Although a guaranteed loan is not always available, we work with so many lenders that we will do our best to provide you with a loan offer today. We will always consider diverse applicants and backgrounds, and in some instances, we may suggest credit unions, apps, or the use of a product secured by your vehicle or home.

Can I obtain a Payday Loan on the Day of Application?

Yes, obtaining a same-day payday loan is possible if you meet the requirements, which include being at least 18 years old, having a stable job and income, having a social security number, and having a checking account where the funds can be deposited.

To maximize your chances of receiving same-day loans, ensure that all the information you enter is accurate and that you meet all of the criteria. If the lender requests proof of income or employment, it could be useful to have a copy of your pay stub or bank statement on hand.

Lastly, applying between Monday and Friday, 9 a.m. and 5 p.m., should increase your chances of receiving funds within 24 hours, as opposed to submitting an application on a slow Sunday or national holiday.

Can I obtain a payday loan with instant approval?

Yes, payday loans are designed to provide instant approval, so you can submit your information in less than five minutes and receive a preliminary decision on-screen. Since the loans are unsecured, your eligibility is determined by various factors that can be evaluated automatically, resulting in an instantaneous decision. To be fully approved and funded, you will be required to electronically sign your loan agreement and frequently undergo additional checks, such as credit and affordability checks, to ensure that you can afford the amount you wish to borrow without getting into financial trouble.

Can I Obtain Loans in My Area?

Yes, we can connect you with a lender based in your state, including Nevada, Texas, Ohio, California, and Illinois, because we work with several payday loan businesses in my neighborhood (and all 37 states where payday loans are legalized).

This can be significant, as loan terms and interest rates vary from state to state. However, we also work with multiple-jurisdictional lenders so that you can be approved wherever you are in the United States.

While many of these states have local payday loan stores, our entire process is online, so you do not need to visit a branch, wait in line, or await a decision. Everything with DimeBucks is handled and processed online. You can complete our application form in five minutes, receive an instant decision, and receive your funds within a few hours if approved.


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